Cromatura Moderna
Via Albert Einstein, 1
20010 San Giorgio su Legnano (MI)

Tel. 0331.401449
Fax. 0331.407941

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The Company

At Cromatura Moderna, we have operated in the electroplating area since 1995, treating metals such as aluminium, steel, copper, and brass.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified to passivate aluminium.

We have many years of experience in the surface treatment (chromate conversion, galvanisation, etc.) of metals parts of all shapes: from simple bars, pipes, and drawn wires to complex structures for residential, commercial, industrial, and naval use (e.g. banisters, stairs, window and door frames, special furnishings).

We also operate in many other sectors, such as home appliances, furnishing, mechanical equipment and, more generally, all areas that require the use of other metals with special surface finishes.

Adding value

Products diversification has been our policy over the years; this, combined with our organisational flexibility has enabled Cromatura Moderna to provide to its customers with the broadest spectrum of processing required to finish surfaces in the two reference sectors.

Large and ongoing investments in equipment and control instruments generate the highest efficiency in terms of quality and production process control.

These developments have enabled Cromatura Moderna to broaden the services offered, in terms of range of treatments carried out, short delivery times, and convenience of "on request" shipping with its own fleet of vehicles.