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Trivalent white galvanisation

White galvanisation applicable on steel and ferrous metals

- Chromium III-based passivation
- Blue colour aesthetic appearance
- Good corrosion resistance
- Suitable for possible sealants

Properties and characteristics
ZINCM02 is an electrolytic zinc deposition followed by chromium III-based passivation, to improve corrosion resistance to atmospheric elements.
Suitable for use in the military and aviation sectors.
The thickness of the zinc coating can vary between 3 and 10 microns at the customer's request.

Corrosion resistance
The results of laboratory tests give a corrosion resistance of 96 hours of resistance in salt fog, with a corrosion of the treated surface equal to 5% of the total surface.

Operating conditions
Mechanical, home appliances, aviation, textiles, farm machinery, motorcycles, automotive, nautical, electronic.